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A great thread to read. I have no anwsers but a couple thoughts. I have many Invictas, their quality is outstanding which keep folks buying another. We hear Reserves are special, handmade by the top ten percent of watchmakers, Swiss movements and eyepopping looks. Than why do they go down in price? Could it be that many are produced, than new models are created, so let's get rid of the old stuff and the price of the older models is lower, than when introduced. I have an Ocean Ghost meteorite which came out a batch at a time, if memory serves, to a limit of 1000 pieces. Why not make the 1000 limited editions pieces and sell them all at one time. I paid a couple dollars more,before the the release of the last batches. I think it is fantastic to get a great price on a timepiece. That will always have to be by the nature of selling on the tv. I think Invicta needs to go through one series of Reserves, sell them all out, to protect the buyer from losing money. I think the name can continue in a simular look but notas areserve under that name. Just myopinions on the subject. ....Bob
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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