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Ulysse Nardin's Moonstruck

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I read about this timepiece in the December issue of International Watch.This watch shows the global indication of the tides. The Moonstruck is a limited edition of only 500watches in red gold and 500 watches in platinum. Below is a video which shows thefeatures of this timepiece.


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Neat video, but I find this one pretty ugly IMHO.

From -

The Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck watch is easily one of the most impressive debuts at the 2009 Baselworld exhibition. Sharing a bit of the “DNA” of the brilliant Tellurium Johannes Kepler watch from the famous Ulysse Nardin Trilogy of Time, the new Moonstruck again brings to the forefront a variety of innovative and breathtaking astronomic functions. Inenvisioning this masterpiece for Ulysse Nardin, the ever-ingenious Ludwig Oeschlin sought a wristwatch that expressed the influence of both Sun and Moonover the Earth.

Like the Tellurium J. Keppler mentioned above, the Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck watch positions an earth depiction at the center of the dial; this is essential to give the Moonstruckits identity, and to bring into play the solar and lunar hands that mimic the relationship between these heavenly bodies in relation to our planet. Truly mind-boggling is the precision of the moon phase–according to Ulysse Nardin, 100,000 years will go by before the display deviates from the proper phase.

You wouldn’t ordinarily think of an astronomic timepiece of this caliber as a travel watch, but again–leave it up to Ulysse Nardin to give us just such a timepiece. A la such esteemed Ulysse Nardin models as theGMT ± Big Date or the complex Sonata, two pushers astride the winding crown govern the movement of the hour hand forward or backwards. Changing timezones without interrupting the timekeeping is as simple as quick press of the fingertip. A pointer calendar hand that passes a scale at the edge of the dial presents the date–another very practical feature that is excellent in concert with the independent hour hand adjustment. Driving these functions is a newly developed Ulysse Nardin in-house automatic movement–the UN-106. This brilliant manufacture caliber again showcases Ulysse Nardin’s dedication to silicon componentry; the various parts of the escapement and even the hairspring are both made from the non-ferrous, non-magnetic material.

Beyond its virtuoso technique, the Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck is a luxury watch of tremendous presence and beauty. An imposing 46mm across, the 18-karat red gold case has a very contemporary feel, and while its not something you can easily hide under your shirtcuff–that’s ok. After all, why would you want to? This watch has gobs of visual presence, and is almost worthy of a crystalline display case, instead of a wrist.

Considering that Ulysse Nardin will only be making 500 each of the Moonstruck watch in red gold and platinum, I suspect some of these astronomic marvels may well end up in just such a display case, lovingly admired by their owners.
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