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TVDinner wrote:
Watchguru58 wrote:

I have never uses Ubid, but I have used @Auction and they pretty much sell the same kind of watches. SUG, BUZZ, JACOT, Bernouli are all Chinese watches that are shipped to a place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and then they are placed on these bidding sites with no reserve. I have purchase about 6 watches from them and they have all been great watches. Sure there Chinese Made, but for the money they are nice and work well.
Thank you sir. That is what I have heard. I might buy one of these for $29 just to see how it looks when it arrives and do a review of it.

Can you post some pics of a few you have purchased?
I don't think you can go wrong for $29. It might be a great way to try out the brand and see if future purchases are warranted! :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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