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I'll add my two cents as I own all three movements mentioned.

Miyota builds an exceptional VALUE movement. It isn't luxury, it isn't flashy or smooth but it tell time and with some regulation can SOMETIMES keep COSC standards of accuracy. That said, on the whole, it will NOT be as accurate as either Swiss movement, it does NOT hack and it operates in a jerky, almost quartz-like fashion. Great BUDGET movement.

Next up the scale is the SW200. It will be more accurate (generally), smoother and better-finished than the Miyota, is hackable and is much more easily (or better yet, more often) regulated to achieve COSC certification. That said it is NOT as smooth as the 2824-2 and (IMO) is NOT as good. Why? Sellita uses parts that are inferior in finish to the ETA. It is a 2824-2 copy and to some degree (but not 100%) has some interchangeability of parts. Perhaps manufacturers like Oris that use this movement in a KIT form (ebauche) refinish it well enough to overcome the finish issue, I have no experience there. I have sw200s that are more standard, unfinished and unregulated as they come from sellita.

Which brings us to the 2824-2 which is the benchmark three-hand movement. This is the one all others get compared to. It has remained the STAPLE three hand Swiss automatic for decades and many, many high-end watch companies use it or an upgraded version of it in their watches. Want an automatic with a buttery-smooth sweep? If you do not have Rolex or even Omega money, pick up a Hamilton, Accutron or even Croton, Swiss Legend or Invicta with this movement. Compare it side by side with a watch powered by a Sellita or Miyota. I bet you'll see the difference. I certainly do.

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