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[align=left] Condition: Brand New! Twist A Lite - Bend It Into Any Shape And It Stays! When it comes to having the light you need for any situation, the new Twist A Lite is the perfect solution. You can bend it into any shape or twist it around any object and it stays! Reading at night without disturbing anyone else, fixing a problem in a tight dark area, lighting activity/hobby tasks for the kids on long road trips, emergency situations and more are all made easier with the Twist A Lite.
The Twist A Lite has two strong, easy flex arms with super bright 3 white LEDs on each arm. Each arm also has its own on/off switch and the Lite runs on 1 AA battery (not included). Bend the arms into any desired shape and it will stay.
The Twist A Lite is ideal for any dark area that needs that extra bit of light. Kids' bedrooms, lockers, small closets, car rides and many more places. Not only is it perfect for everyday "fix-it" tasks, but it's great to use as task lighting for hobbies and crafts, long road trips, and reading at night. Get it for yourself or the college student heading off to school in the fall. Yours until gone...
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