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You guys may have already seen this TWCO. Thought it was pretty cool, and saw this review of it.

It's called the Air Controller, and Worn & Wound has a great look at it. The watch looks to have an eye-catching bead blasted case, and H-link bracelet. The case measures 43mm, and there also an added aviator strap to go along with the bracelet. Dials are a deep black with flieger style triangle too guys, but also alternating size numbers, and hands which are covered in luminescent material. An A-10 Warthog on the dial makes things extra cool as well. The movement in the Air Controller is Miyota's 9015 also everyone.

Link to Worn & Wound...

Some pics...(Sorry about the size of them)


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I love almost everything about it except for the coated bezel. The insert looks great but black bezels don't appeal to me. Not a fan of the lines between the every number on bezel insert from 05 to 55.
Really like that jet on the dial, the strap with orange stitching and the H-Link bracelet.
Thanks for sharing.
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