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Tudor Pelagos FXD

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Great initial hands on review and purchase article. This looks like a solid and durable fixed lug design with a nato and vulcanised rubber strap.

De ville and Tangente are sold. Now I'm moving the Pelagos. If this FXD enters the Indian market, I would want it at the listed price from this article.
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I can see it on your wrist already LA, and it would be phenomenal ! ;):cool:

Want to thank for tracking down this article for us like this. Cool watch,
cool read !!! 😀🎸(y)..Let's hope the FXD finds it way to the market
there sir, and that it finds it's way to your wrist. 😊

Thanks once again !
You're welcome AtomicTom. But you beat me to the watch by 14 hours when you covered a full piece article of your own on the watch. Thank God you're always up to date.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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