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Tudor North Flag vs GrandSeiko SBGV007

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Purchase isn't for at least 3 to 5 years from now.
It's a fair bit of money (for me)
Deciding between


Priced about the same.
Seiko has better finishing.
Seiko is more accurate. (duh)
Seiko has non-integrated straps

Tudor has an interesting movement
Tudor does not need batteries
Tudor looks more interesting
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Lou Snutt votes Seiko GS on all issues.
Tudor is nice, but not "Just as nice"!!!

Loose Nutt
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Tudor bein a fave, seems to come up short of the Seiko IMO.
Another iteration, Tudor over Seiko. Just the way things work

Lou Snutt
Watch Freeks:
My insignificant vote goes to the Seiko (no slams on the Tudor tho)
Both of em rock my canoe! Would kick neither under the bus.
Jus sayin.

Lou Snutt
Whatta poser so early in the morn.
Really a tuff call if you know what I
mean. But if push come to shove, Id
go with the Tudor. No stones thrown
at Seiko

Lou Snutt
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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