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True Blood

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I am honestly upset that the current season is over. It was better then ever and I agree that the show is brilliant. There is not reall another show with better writing and story lines.

I love Fringe and Heroes also, but they do not compare to this show overall. Being on HBO helps and gives them a wider range of grpahic content.

I already miss this show and it just ended for this season yesterday, lol.

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I love the show. I was a late comer so I had to rent/watch all of the earlier seasons to catch up. They have really gotten better with their story line and writing since Season 3 and forward. I watch Vampire Diaries for a fix until True Blood comes back. Even though this is Vampire Diaries 3rd season, it doesn't compare to TB. The show that follow them, Secret Circle, has gotten really good and Vampire Diaries better watch out or they will be getting bumped for the newcomer.
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Me neither. I came in during season 3 and
Had to go rent the previous 2 seasons to get up to speed. Now I'm really hooked.
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