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For sale I have a custom project built with the following parts:

CASE: Crystal Times CT702 – SKX007 to SRP Turtle Conversion Case (drilled lugs)
CRYSTAL: DLW Double Dome Sapphire - No Bevel Edge
CASEBACK: CT200D – Diving Zombie Outbreak – Caseback
BEZEL: Stock SKX007 Bezel (60 click)
INSERT: Ceramic Sloped (eBay purchase)
CROWN: Laser etched “S”
MOVEMENT: NH36 hacking/hand winding (Day and date)
DIAL: Dagaz white enamel “Red Point” dial
HANDS: DLW Silver polished Mercedes handset
CHAPTER RING: CT204 Polished with laser markers
Strap: Generic 22mm black “Z-22” style strap, 22mm FAT spring bars included

The watch is very similar to a Turtle and in fact it wear just like one. I really like it but I have an excess of watches at this time and for some reason I can never bond to white dials... The watch works smoothly and runs like a champ. It has all the goodies including ceramic insert and domed sapphire, drilled lugs and hacking/hand winding movement. All in all a great watch or a great base for another project...

Whatever you want it to be or use for it's ready. I am including with the watch a nice leather wrap/travel roll which can be seen in the photos. The watch itself is in excellent condition with very little light wear. Again, just selling because I don't bond with it. But it is really nice looking even if I did not put it together...

Asking $275 sale price including shipping in the USA. I am open to trades, as always. Trade Value around $300. If you like it, contact me and we can work something out.

Here are a few pics I just shot.

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