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So after some long hard thinking I decided, "lets get some lume work started". There are only about 3-4 great Relumer's in the US, and the backlog can be from 2 months to up to 1 year. I was able to convince one of the top guys to join the ToxicTEAM (hell I don't think he knew what he was getting into). Which means faster turn around's than normal but still with great prices.

We also have a new lume from RCTriTec in Switzerland (who makes Super-LumiNova) called Grade X1 with much better performance than others lumes including their standard lume. It does cost $15 more than a standard lume but it is worth it. We can use the new lume in C3 Light green, C1+10 White, Blue with blue green glow, and Light Orange with yellow glow to be used with vintage mixes.

So there are quite a few options available.

Here are the prices:
Relume of Dial: Typical dial indices $114
Relume of Hands:Typical charges $38 ($44 for GMT set)
Chronograph Relume: Additional charge +$35 to typical charge
Pressure Test to 165': $25 recommended on all diver watches
Grade X1 Super Lume: $15 extra
Bezel pip lume: $25.00 which requires clean out old lume, replace with new lume, put a layer of Swiss UV 500 lacquer, bake in UV oven to give a (glossy or satin) hardened waterproof finish.

Right now the longest it should take is 3 weeks time. I am working with the relumer to get the time down.

Shipping/Handling is $15.00 Priority Mail

Insurance is $2.50 first $100 then $1 for each additional $100

Contact me on pricing for your watch.

SuperLuminova (SL)

NoctiLumina (NL)
From most luminous to least luminous
1. (SL) C3 Grade X1 (light green)Best
(Additional Cost of $15)
2. (SL) Grade X1…C1+10, Blue,
Light Orange
(Additional Cost of $15)
3. (SL) C3 and (NL) G15 and (LT) GX
(light green) These three seem
equivalent to me…similar to what
is used in the Orange Monster
Seiko diver
4. (SL) C7 (green)
5. (SL) BG W9 white w/ blue glow
6. (LT) GX3 LumeTec’s Orange is
best glowing orange by far.
7. Vintage lume
8. (SL) blue
9. (SL)Bright yellow
10. Gold
11. (NL) B15 white w/ blue glow
12. (SL) C1/C3 blend
13. (NL) Dark Orange beautiful
daylight appearance
14. (SL) Orange lume
15. Orange/Red combination
16. (SL) C1 White (Green Glow)
17. (SL) C1 White (Blue Glow)
18. Red
19. (SL) Black (glows less than 13-18)
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