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Hello. It is a seastar I have a few watches I am selling. Several I got at an estate place that sells estate jewelry and watches. I bought 7 pieces from this guy at a gunshow. These watches were owned by a doctor who passed away.

First, this Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic dive watch. It was not worn outside, according to his widow. Sale date was 2006. The watch in nearly mint but you may find a scratch or two somewhere on the bracelet. I showed the clasp which usually receives the first scratches and it is in great shape. Inner, Outer box, papers, warranty card (which I am sure will not apply.) Also the bottom drawer of the box has a brochure and a book about the history of Tissot.

I cannot see any scratches on the Domed Sapphire, on the case or Bezel or but you can see a few scratches on the bracelet. One member called this swirling. and there may be a scratch I missed but I cannot see any upon inspection. The watch runs and keeps time but I cannot verify accuracy as I have no way to do so. But I am sure it will need a lube job after 10 years of sitting in a doctor’s watch case. I was not able to find out if it was kept on a winder. I have three of these in different colors and I am only keeping one. And I have enough Blue watches..

$350.00 conus delivered insured.

PM me with your email if you want larger pics


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