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I've just bought a Tissot Prs516 and I must say its a great looking watch, however I have just stumbled across Certina Ds action chronograph here;

I was wondering if it's worth the extra £200 to opt for the Certina ? Here is the Tissot prs 516 that I bought :

I'm not a diver or swimmer so the water resistant part is irrelevant, I'm into pure style and like chunky thick watches. Thanks

Tissot is marketed more here in USA, and therefore is more common than Certina. Some Americans have not heard of Certina (which makes Americans either shy away or desire it for it's rarity), but in Europe it is a common well respected brand.

Both watches you are interested in are designed differently; one has a Tachymeter Bezel and the other has a Diver Bezel. The extra cost of the Certina is obviously due to the design and cost of manufacturing a watch for 300 meters (whereas, the Tissot is only designed for 100 meters). Is the Certina worth the extra 200 Pounds? I think it is.

The design of the Certina is more conservative, traditional, and classic. The design of the Tissot is more modern, non-traditional, and perhaps contemporary.

Both watches have "Style". But, let's examine the watches subjectively to your liking:

Tissot: Case Width = 42 mm; Case Depth = 11.34 mm
Certina: Case Width = 43 mm; Case Depth = 13.92 mm

The Certina watch is clearly the "chunky thick watch".

You would most likely be happier with the Certina.
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