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Did anyone by chance see Timex's Celestial Opulence Automatic
Women's Watch Collection yet?

It's evidently their first automatic women's watch collection since
2011. With this new collection getting inspiration from the night
sky. Having nice star, and Swarovski crystal markers, and even a
floating hour hand to go along with it's cool minute hand.

On top of that, you have a 38mm gold, or rose gold case, blue,
black, and online exclusive champagne dial, acrylic crystal,
50 meter WR, leather, and textile straps, and Miyota 8215 there
behind a celestial themed exhibition case-back.

A few pictures guys...

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im surprised its an automatic, being a womens watch.

i do like the look though.

i guess we shouldnt expect too much sophistication at $230, but since they are only including a cheap leather-ish strap the least they could have done is thrown in a miyota 9015 movement...its not like they are expensive. heck, NH35 movements are cheap as dirt and would at least hack and handwind.
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