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Smartwatches are, slowly but surely, becoming more commonplace. After the initial thrust of advertisements that took over all sorts of media, we are now experiencing a quieter, more gradual increase in the market.
For those who've waited to purchase their first smartwatch, there is now a wider range of options available, and more knowledge of the pros and cons of each model.

Last October when we put together our guide to the best smartwatches at Insider Picks, fellow commerce reporter Jeff Dunn named the Huawei Watch the best watch for Android Wear.

We’re highlighting it again today, because it's now available at a sizable discount (as much as $130 off for the rose gold-plated version), making it more affordable for anyone who has been holding off on investing in wearable technology.

One of the first things that makes the Huawei Watch stand out from the competition is its sharp display; it boasts a higher resolution than any other Android Wear device. It’s also probably the most attractive smartwatch we’ve seen thus far. While some features could be better (the activity tracker is as hit-or-miss as most other smartwatches out there), if you are an active user of Google Now, the Huawei Watch will be a welcome convenience. Thanks to its sapphire crystal build, the watch is almost impervious to everyday nicks and scratches, too.

So if you are an Android user who has yet to invest in a smartwatch, the Huawei Watch is a good place to start your search. It functions as well as any Android Wear device on the market, and stands out for its remarkable look.
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