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Just happened to me this morning. Until now my Copper Dial CD Crossfire was my biggest WOW moment followed closely by the Limited Edition Conquest.. But today I received a double dose. With all of the recent posting pro and con the Invicta Bolt I held the order open for my anniversary Bolt in Blue/Gold with Champagne MOP MY GOD this thing is overwhelmingly beautiful this timepiece goes beyond the usual story of the watch not being represented fairly in photo or video.. The OTV Blue/gold Bolt is so very dis-represented that when I first opened the bow it physically took my breath away.. I have no picture to show since others, better than I have tried and failed I would be at best a weak attempt..By the way, TV Dinner, I hardly notice the rope thing and the watch has such a striking and commanding presence that the oversized winders don't even look large, - no argument or slight intended. atill can't believe my eyes
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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