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The Strangest Things Files

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I don鈥檛 know about you, but I have always been interested in
everything from UFO鈥檚 to Bigfoot. How about you everyone? 馃檪

So I thought why not start a thread where people can actually
talk about anything and everything within the paranormal world,
or is it worlds?! :alien:馃槻

So if you like, post up any stories you yourself have. Or just have
fun posting odd news, videos, or pictures.

I鈥檒l get things started. 馃槈

It鈥檚 amazing all of the Bigfoot sitings, along with stories that
there are. And just recently a satellite image revealed an odd
shape from the Colorado wilderness, which has a Bigfoot-like

There鈥檚 a real chance it鈥檚 just a small pond, or something, but
at least the shape, as well as size are intriguing. ..Plus it is in
the middle of nowhere which is interesting.

Here is a picture, along with link to the story. Enjoy !
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As a younger man my greatest mystery was where to go, what to do; and what about women?
Those questions have now been resolved - or cast aside; I live my life and to h#%* with other opinions.

Now it's which comes first: death or taxes.

馃槅馃槃 You are too funny sir, and honestly the no holds barred truth
that you always speak makes me smile all the time. Thank you !!! 馃槈(y)
Many Thais believe in ghosts as does my wife. My wife tells me that her sister saw a ghost and I have heard both my wife and her sister tell me the account many times. Unfortunately, it puts me in a hard place to question what she saw so I just go with it, who knows maybe I am wrong.
I think you are making a key point with this kind of thing Bob. (y)(y)

All of the people who see things can't be seeing things in my opinion. 馃槈
Whether it's ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot or whatever else is out there, it just
can't be denied that people are seeing things right?! ..I mean some
times there could be an explanation possibly. But not all of the time
I don't think.

It's like with your wife and her sister here for example. ..Some might say
they saw a reflection of something, or misidentified what they saw. And
it's the same with UFOs, where experts will say they just saw a plane or
balloon, or even star. However, it can't always be the case, especially
when people are very close to what they saw and 'know' what they saw.

It even happens with Bigfoot as well. To the point where some scientists
are just saying that Bigfoot is a black bear standing. ..But what about all
of the people who have been mere steps away from one and once again
'know' what they saw. 馃榾These instances can't all be easily explained
and for so called experts to just try and downplay sighting of all kinds is
kind of upsetting. As well as offensive to people like your wife and sister
sir. 馃槈

I believe them, and I believe. 馃檪

I also cannot thank you enough for sharing your story !!!
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Yowza pirbid, is that an actual picture from a website there? 馃浉馃懡馃く

THX so much !!!
Of netflix,unsolved mysteries.馃懡鉁
Oh neat pirbid, thanks very much for the insight !!! 馃槈鉁
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Looks like the Loch Ness Monster, or a relative may have been spotted just recently. 馃槉

The man caught a large wave in the water on his webcam in which
he has setup. So there is a short video to go along with some pics
within the link. 馃馃檪 But what do you think about the Loch Ness
Monster? Or Nessie?

Could it be a thought to be extinct plesiosaur? Or family of them?

Or is just a wave? Or wake people are seeing most of the time? Or
perhaps wood? Or some debris in the water? And how about people
who reported actually seeing the creature on land years ago? Or
something strange even being sited by drones recently?

Honestly, all of it is just a lot of fun to think about. 馃槈

Hunter absolutely stunned after 'catching Loch Ness Monster on camera' (
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When I was 14, our family dog named Boy, started howling like crazy and wouldn't stop. It lasted for about 20 minutes. A half hour later, my mom received a call from my father. He was in an emergency room. He had been involved in a car accident 60 miles away and had been unconscious for 20 minutes...
A few days later I went with him to the wrecking yard to pick up his personal effects out of the totaled Ford Aerostar. The dash clock had lost power at precisely the same time our dog started howling!
Oh my goodness GPF, that is just crazy and could be the perfect
story for an X-Files episode. o_O By the way, your dad was okay
though afterwards right? ..Thank you very very much for thinking
to share this incredible story with us !!! Really appreciate it.
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