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Isn't it funny how we see different watch companies sir?

O&W has an amazing history, has made, and continues to make some
fantastic watches, yet maybe flies under the radar to most. ..In a way,
I think that is just the way they like it. (y) ..They are a respected watch
company that makes really great watches. What else could you ask for?! 馃槈
And honestly can't get enough of their new P-101 either. Seriously looks
like some rare, beautiful vintage diver. With all the bells, and whistles !馃く:cool:

Wow, and have you ever seen a minute hand like that? 馃槷..Wonderful !
Cannot thank you enough for the look True !!!

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Not a bad looker.

That has some of the longest lugs I've seen for quite some time. Not too sure about the ladder-like minute hand though or what it's meant to represent - possibly the ladder used by pilots to embark/disembark the plane? The huge crown also stands out a touch far from the case edge.

If memory serves me correctly, the 101 fighter was part of the US's show of force during the Cuban missile crisis.

Thanks for the show.

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Nice, I like it!
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