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I get it. But for now, these are probably pre-Invicta watches, and 6 interest free value pays for a nice Glycine ain't a bad deal.

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Damn that sucks I was juat about to list my combat sub blue dial orange bezel at $500 and its on the shop new for $469. Guess mine is now a keeper unless Im prepared to take a major loss. Didn't pay $800 but did pay close to $600.

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Its not just this glycine take-over, this kinda thing has been happening for about a year as the Swiss watch glut has bitten deeper and deeper

Grey Market sellers are flooded with AD overstocks thanks to swiss over-production+china's slowing economy and vertical boutique integration

Swiss sales slumoed for the first time in 7 years and Richemont are laying off staff. CEO's seem to be shuffled like decks of cards.

It interesting times ahead and those of us selling used ones will have to sigh and take the hit or wait years for the industry to sort itself out.

On the Glycine plus side, it could be the ideal time to get what might be the last of the decent ones before Invicta start messing with them too much.

The Airman looks tempting too...
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