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The Letdown....When a watch is NOT everything you hoped it would be...

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I am sure it has happened to many of us and it happened to me today (see ). The "let down" when receiving a watch you had wanted BAD.
  • You had the watch on your "wish list".
  • You had done your research on the watch and read everything you could find about the brand, watch, history, etc.
  • You had looked at countless pictures on every site.
You WANTED the watch! You had to have the watch! And then you bought it / traded for it / was given it as a gift / or just found it on the street....

But when it arrived ...... THE LET DOWN. It was not everything you had built it up to be. For whatever reason you just knew it was not right for you. You can feel the initial excitement you had hoped for literally seep out of you through your gut.

Who has dealt with this type of disappointment and what did you do. Post your experiences...

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Sad to say but my Glycine was that way. I do still like it ...ish, but it was kind of a letdown. Now the Fortis can't hardly find its way off my wrist :)
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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