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norsk fan

I appear to be the only one in this entire thread who actually owns a norsk. I've had it nearly a year and I love it. It keeps perfect time and is beautiful.
It is obviously similar to the Seiko Monster but I find several differences. I have swam with it many times and it's waterproof. (no diving for me)
I always find it funny that people give so much hate to homages when Seiko themselves has an amazing Rolex Submariner homage.
I used to own the Orange dial London games version. I have to say people, dont hate on something until you try it. the build quality was very good, the bezel action was better than Seiko, and the NH ran great. was it the best Homage out there? No, but there are much worse available.
Old thread or not, people are still talking about this. this is a discussion forum, so if you dont want people discussing old threads, then lock them.
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