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That鈥檚 a shame what you have been going through Screwdriver. 馃槦

I really wasn鈥檛 able to give any insight with your original question
about the the NH35/36, but it鈥檚 definitely peculiar for the accuracy
to be off so much. And although the new one is a bit better, you
still have those issues with the quality, as well as those dings. It
has had to have been so upsetting because we can see that you
really do like the watch.

However, dealing with the same issues twice like this is maddening
right?! 馃槓 ..Want to thank you for sharing this whole ordeal with us !!!

Here鈥檚 hoping your next watch is a winner.馃槈馃檪

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Crazy stuff Screwdriver. 馃槸 You would swear that they just resent you
the same watch you originally had trouble with. 馃槵 I mean the issues
with the watch were exactly the same, and then ended up being even
worse at the end of it all. 馃槯 And as Gary said, Seikos are not like this,
or are much better than what you are experiencing. However, now you
are left with this bad taste in your mouth with the brand.

It鈥檚 really unfortunate, but I hope you can get this lemon returned as
soon as possible. So sorry about everything.

THX a ton for keeping us updated on the whole situation sir !

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Bought them from different Macy stores, online and a store....and the nicks were in different places.

Anyhow, I have had good luck with Seiko watches in the past, and this experience won't stop me from buying again, just not anytime soon.

I鈥檓 glad it hasn鈥檛 soured you too much Screwdriver. (y)

A lot of people would have said, 鈥榯hat鈥檚 it I鈥檓 done.鈥 so I give you
credit for being so forgiving. 馃檪馃弳 Let鈥檚 hope Seiko maybe hears
from fans about these kinds of issues, or even sees the problems
themselves and remedies them. Because it seems like it has been
something that just started in recent years.

Before that Seiko was known for great quality at a great price. They
need to get back to that. ..Until then I hope you鈥檙e next watch from
the next brand you get hits on all cylinders. 馃槈

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馃榾(y) Oh man, I really love your determination, and how much you
want this Seiko Screwdriver. ;) Let鈥檚 hope that somehow this one
shows up in great condition both outside, and in this time. ..Fingers
crossed that everything works out this time. Because you deserve it
after all of your hard work !

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I don't ever remember having issues with other Seikos I have owned, like a Monster, Alpinist, SKX, etc. So, I am determined to get a decent SRPD.

I'll post after I get it and check the SPD.
Looking forward to it Screwdriver. 馃榾

Yes, I have to agree, was thinking those issues were rare. But then was
stunned when the second watch had the same issues. 馃槸 Hopefully your
determination pays off and the third time is a charm ! 馃槈

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Oh awesome Screwdriver, awesome ! 馃榾馃槑馃弳You don't know how relieved I
actually am because I have to admit that I was worried. 馃槉Especially since the
other two watches seemed to have identical factory made issues. ..However,
it at least sounds like it was something those sellers had done in storage maybe
right?! ,,And actually wasn't Seiko themselves?!

No matter how you slice it, it's a win SD, and a hard fought one at that. 馃弳

A SUPER Seiko congratulations ahead of time !!!
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