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I own a few vintage Seiko watches, a King Seiko Classic 45, Lord Marvel 5740-0010, and a birth year 1965 Sportsman. I have also owned a few other Seikos over the years.

So, a few days ago, I grabbed THIS during Macy's sale.

The salesperson, grabbed a new one from the back, and it looked good to me, but when I got home I noticed that the chapter ring was off, and one of the indices was a little askew. I knew this was common, so it didn't bother me. Then I saw what looked like a nick on the side of the case, which turned out to be a manufacturing flaw, because you could see with a loop that it was polished around the edge, and had no sharp edges like a fresh nick. But whatever, it wasn't noticeable, unless it was in bright daylight. But what is really annoying is, +37 SPD...which I timed wearing the watch for 8 hours a day, and letting it sit face up when I wasn't wearing it.

I have a few other watches with NH35/36 movements, and none are greater than +15 SPD. In fact, if it had been close to +20 SPD, I'd be fine with it.

Anyhow, is this common? I plan to return it, but am worried, I'll get one that is similar.
Typical Seiko, I sometimes wonder how they still exist. As it happens their customer service is pretty awful as well. If it were me I would just regulate the movement, it takes five minutes, However, even at your stated accuracy it is still within tolerance. Anyway, because of the other issues I would take it back to the retailer
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