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The Brand will Re-Position Itself at BaselWorld 2010 for a New Era of Trailblazing

The world will get an exciting peek into the future of TechnoMarine, the game-changing Swiss watchmaker, at BaselWorld 2010, when the brand unveils its new Cruise Sport collection for global retailers and press.

Cruise has been the iconic pillar of the TechnoMarine brand since it splashed onto the scene in 1997. The fun and flirty designs were the first ever to mix diamonds with plastic. It was a revolutionary concept, especially within the traditional world of Swiss watch making, and the designs drew raves from globe-trotting style setters who embraced the glamorous new look. Cruise quickly became the hottest watch around and set the bar for the industry.

Today, TechnoMarine is on the threshold of renewal. With energetic new leaders at the helm, the brand will once again steer its own course through the industry. The themes that are at the core of the brand—technique and aquatic pursuits—will be more important than ever. Bold, daring designs will draw attention, but not overpower. Intelligent use of color will indulge the spirit, but won’t overwhelm.

The new TechnoMarine will be surprising, streamlined and sophisticated.

The first hint of what’s in store for the future, Cruise Sport is a revamped interpretation of the signature Cruise collection. The silhouette is straightforward, absent of excessive embellishments. The silicone strap – softer and more flexible than gel-plastic versions used in years past – is an exercise in clean lines and minimalist currents. Water resistant up to 200m and available in a chronograph or 3-hand style, the Cruise Sport excels on a diving expedition or aboard a speedboat, but, thanks to its sleek profile, can just as smoothly blend with boardroom attire.

Cruise Sport’s stealth black form is punctuated by subtle pops of color along the bezel, minute hand and tachymeter. Carefully selected shades of white, blue, fuchsia, green, and orange maintain the brand’s invigorating, ‘carpe diem’ attitude, whilst accommodating a desire to wear the watch regardless of climate or season. The re-designed bezel takes a smoother, less frenetic form. Wider hands allude to a strong, commanding sense of purpose, reflective of the brand’s technical merit. The re-envisioned dial, rendered in 3D, has new depth and added impact.

The Cruise Sport marks the earliest steps of TechnoMarine’s journey to reclaim its spot at the vanguard of innovation and creativity. It is a taste of what’s to come. A disruptive presence will be felt.

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