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RipitRon wrote:
Have you ever done something so Stupid you feel like the majority of the people you meet every day? well that was me today, I left the house to go to work and forgot my damn cell phone. So of coarse i head back home grab the damn phone and head back too work, where some an$! retentive IDIOT decides to run out of gas in the middle lane of the freeway. So mow 30 minutes later i get past that and one of my guys is welding up a Custom pumping table I designed. Well he needs a little help so I grab the welding lead and start tacking the parts together as he hold the parts.

here is where I have become a brain dread Idiot, I forgot to take my S1 touring off when i was welding and now I have weld splatter. on the case, the crystal as well as the bracelet! WTF i should have stayed home today!
Sorry to hear that...Yeah Friday I forgot my wallet at home...I was on the way to work when I realized it...I decided to go home and worked from home that day...If I didnt have that option it would have been a sick day...
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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