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Taking a Sabbatical for awhile from this forum, for a Patriotic rant!

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Right now my blood is boiling, as a Viet Nam vet who still carries the mental scars of war and the humiliation of the fall of Saigon I find what is going on in Afghanistan 10 times worse.

America is in crisis mode right now, we are at a pivotal moment in time the will affect the entire free world for decades to come.

Over the decades Marxists here have infiltrated Academia, the News Media, and now control the Democrat Party. The last election was at the least rigged, if not outright stolen and the end result is instead of having a strong American leader we are saddled with a Dementia ridden buffoon whose puppet masters are feckless faculty lounge Leninists!

First to our European NATO allies, thanks for joining us after 9/11, and now my apologies for the Buffoon in the White House who has disgraced your honor and the honor of the United States!

There is a lot of blame to go around for Afghanistan, for us staying there for twenty years. We most definitely needed to go there to wipe out the Taliban and Bin Ladin, that was a must. The sticking around and attempting to "Nation Build" a country full of tribal religious maniacs was a fool's errand. This blame is on Bush, Obama, and Biden, and to some degree Trump who wanted to get out, but the Deep State Intelligence and Miltary/Industrial complex threw successful hurdles in his path.

I'm ashamed to say many Americans hated Trump more than they love our Country and out of spite they voted in an obviously senile clown. Now we see the folly of that. This Zero threw all common sense military advice to the wind when declaring the withdrawal, first shutting down overnight the only totally secure airbase in Afghanistan, not even noticing the allies. Taking whatever defensive Air assets out of the
equation. Compounding this Giant Goat Fornication is leaving $5 billion in modern military hardware behind for the Talian to use against us and any other westerners!

America is now in a Hostage Crisis of the likes which makes Jimmy Carters Iran Hostage situation look like a minor bump in the road. 15,000 Americans are now trapped behind American lines, along with 60,000 Afghan allies who fought and bled with us.

My Great Great Grandfather fought in the Civil war in the Union Army, he lost his right eye and both his brothers at the Batlle of Vicksburg. my Grandfather fought in the trenches in France during WW1 and caught a german machine-gun bullet through his arm and was gassed, my Mother and Father both met and married in the Marines during WW2, my Uncle was also a Marine and fought on Iwo Jima. I fought while in the Marines in Viet Nam.

I have never felt so disgraced and upset over my country them I am today!
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It’s been quite a bad ordeal with a worse ending, insanity at a new level.
What about all the money spent on contractors to train them, billions? Yeah, that money was obviously not spent on what it was meant to be spent on. It’s in someone’s fat bank account and doled out, they don’t have to show how it was spent or what training they provided. A huge get rich scheme with no accountability.
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