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Taco Tuesday

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In today's headlines: Taco Bell is filing a suit against some other Taco company that has a trademark right (over 30 years ago) to the term "Taco Tuesday".

I'm not taking sides - but I believe I will be ordering Tacos for lunch today. This evenings presentation - ribeyes and baked taters.

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:ROFLMAO:(y)Is that actually true with Taco Bell Wrascal? I did not want
to look it up and ruin the surprise, or answer. 馃槉 In any case, the
talk of tacos really DOES make them seem even more terrific this
Tuesday. But you are also making me crave those steaks along
with potatoes ! :D

You always manage to make us hungry sir, and I thank you !!! 馃槈

Ribeyes now seasoned, potatoes oiled and rolled in kosher salt. All prepped for a (medium-rare) 6pm CDT eating.
Every school I ever went to is in big trouble, as well as every bar and Tex-Mex restaurant! :LOL:
If Taco Tuesday if forbidden, what about Tuesday Taco?

Kitchen now smells of frying onions and baked potatoes. Grill heating. Chow time in about 20.
Looks like you had some nice steaks there!
I'm more of a Whisky Wednesday guy ;)
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