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Good day. I'm brand spanking new to the forum. I have a question that Im hoping someone can answer.

I have a Swiss Army Base Camp Chronograph quartz watch on a stainless steel bracelet that I haven't worn in a few years. The model number is 24332. I would like to replace the stainless steel bracelet with a rubber strap.

Does anyone know if the basecamp rubber straps that are sold as replacements for the other model basecamp will fit the 24332? They all seem identical in size and specs. I just don't want to spend the $44 and discover that it doesn't fit.

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Let me thank you for your membership to the best forum in horology.
Best adminstrators, best moderators. But you'll discover that,
Not throwing stones at another forum. But it's very small, very cliquish.
Appearently a group of fund managers with cash to burn re: watches.
"Hey! Lookit what I have enuff cash to buy".
Good taste constrains me from calling these fat catz what we know they
are. "In your face" is close enuff.
Guys on this forum are knowledgeably and glad to impart information.
Helpful to a fault. Sorry about the rant!!!!!

Lou Snutt
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