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Here is another James Bond Watch everyone. Or Q watch actually. 馃檪

The Swatch x 007 2Q comes about thanks to Q using his genius
to modify the SKIN Irony design. With the watch having details
like an open worked dial, red, silver, and blue accents, as well as
sporty strap, and Swiss Quartz movement behind everything.

A few pics...

Swatch with even more for you...


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Wow. They went all out with the packaging
;):cool: It is cool isn鈥檛 it Brice?! ..I am with you. (y)(y)
It鈥檚 a box in which we wouldn鈥檛 want to throw away,
or anything that鈥檚 for sure. And honestly it is something
that you would want to put on display when you think
about it. 馃榾

It actually supercharges things, and makes the watch
seem that much cooler. Although, have to say, it would
have been really nice if these had been automatics right?! 馃槈

Want to thank you for chiming in sir !!!
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