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Suplimentary Identity buckle, perfect fit for your G10 smile emoticon
Strap indent buckle.

Designed and conceived to be use with NATO G10 straps the ident buckle fits standard G10 straps of 20 and 22mm. Perfect as supplementary Identity for Military, fire service, Po-Po etc

Design here can be re-jigged a little but I only have limited space, character count is around 10 to 12 depending on letters used.

Buckle simply threads through as shown in pics and locks in place.
I always fit 22mm Natos to my 20mm lug width watches as I prefer a wider strap, so please be aware when looking over the images here that its a 22mm NATO pictured on the Chronograph. The strap on the CWC dive watch is 20.

The 22mm NATO loop fits nicely in the slot in the ident buckle, 20mm will fit just as well but there will be more of a gap within the ident buckle loops.
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