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Watchguru58 wrote:
Are the Stuhrling automatic movements reliable??
I have a Winchester Grand Skeleton and of course it's an auto and it is about like Ron's...last time I checked was about 9 seconds off in a day. That was a full charge and let it sit in a display case. I have never checked it when I have charged it and wore it a whole day...guess that's the next thing I'll do.

As for the new SO's this week...there are a lot of them....and some old faithful's too. I like this one, the blue dial and the bracelet is really nice looking...and most's big enough!!!

Oh..guys..this looks like the same type of bracelet on the Uptown Ozzie XL....and guys...this is one sweet bracelet!!! Smooth as silk and feels like a million bucks on the skin!!! I love wearing my Uptown because of this bracelet!!!
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