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Strong proof its springtime

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In my 35 years living here I've only previously seen 3 snakes (in my yard).
Between yesterday and today I've now added 4 more:
one 6' large, two medium 5' (maybe same one seen two diff times) and an 8 inch squiggly baby.

While this (momma) ones harmless she still sent my heart pounding:
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Yowza, that is really something Wrascal ! 馃く馃槻And like you are saying
up until today you had only seen a few, but now just like that, you have
now more than doubled the snakes you have seen. 馃悕馃槷I guess it has
to do with the warm winter and everything, but I wonder what that means
now for the rest of the year now. You might see dozens of snakes before
the year is though. 馃樀

Thanks a bunch for the report, as well as pictures !!!
Reno had more snow last night so to me it looks like a very late spring. Lake Shasta reservoir has risen by 100" per something I ran across in the last few days, with lots of snow still to melt.
Things are green here - trees (and shrubs) have blossumed a month early; I've already mowed once.
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