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Don aka Tattoo Chef

Strap donated for review

Strap being reviewed:
Zirdiva Leather "Tattoo" Strap

Company Website:
(Facebook only)

Contact Info: [email protected]

About Zirdiva Designs:

ZIRDIVA (Located in Thailand)

ZIRDIVA is founded from watch lover’s passion. After a few luxury brand name watches owned, I was attracted by genuine exotic leather watch straps which I can keep the original strap out from a scratch while I can enhance my watch and reflect my own style through different day selection!!

ZIRDIVA has provided you with various types of unique texture leather pieces, such as Crocodile, Tilapia, Ostrish, Stingray, Toad, Shark and identities piece of Calf. Our top of mind, we would like to design each strap that would reflect your uniqueness and characteristic the best. That's the beginning of ZIRDIVA, we have been searching around for best genuine leathers from all the places over the world and perfect crafting them exclusively for your favorite watch case. This is our mission, Zirdiva, the art of watch strap. To make the special watch strap in order to match with persona lifestyle and your favorite watch the best.

Yet, regarding to our experience improving our strap artwork for 2 years coupled with strong intention to be one of the best watch strap makers in the world, ZIRDIVA will never stop innovating and devoting our best to develop your desired watch straps with premium quality and innovative techniques all the time and hereafter

Stock Photo:

Strap Description:

The Tattoo Strap is made of natural cowhide and embossed with the tattoo design, it is done in a tobacco brown color, and has a choice of colors done in an X pattern on the edges of the strap.

Strap specifications
Leather: natural cowhide
Width: 24/24mm
Length: 120/75, also available in 140/90
Thickness: 4mm
Keepers: 2, 1 floating, 1 fixed
Stiffness: Scale of 1-10, about a 5
Stitching: black X edge style stitching
Holes: round
Buckle: black PVD PRE V. Other choices and finishes available.

Price: $49 USD, Buckles $13.50 -$16 USD. Shipping. $19-$40 depending on location

The Zirdiva Straps (at least my example) Come in a very nice black cardboard box with the Zirdiva printed logo, and inside the strap is in a black plastic sealed pouch. The box also acts as a way of storing your strap when not in use, and as a presentation case.

My Photos:

Thoughts and Impressions:
I am told Zirdiva straps are all hand made straps done from ready made designs. From what I have seen the prices are very affordable, including the Tattoo Strap here, being $49. Exotic materials and such are a little more obviously. The straps are made available in 2 sizes, 120/75 and 140/90.
Thickness is 4mm which I have always felt is really the perfect thickness for a strap, substantial but not overly thick and cumbersome.

The Zirdiva Tattoo Strap is made from cowhide leather and is dyed a tobacco brown color, almost a cigar brown if you will.
The stitching used is the edge style stitching done in the X design and you can see the in the photos how well the stitching is done and how thick the thread used is.

The design on the strap is noticeable but subtle, and the best way I can describe it is like an Aztec or Samoan style of tattoo design. The buckle used is a nice solid Pre V buckle that uses a screw bar to attach to the strap. It has 2 keepers, 1 floating and one fixed. I would like personally if it was 2 floating keepers as sometimes depending on size of strap and how it fits, its hard to get the strap tongue into the keepers sometimes, or be able to push it up far enough.

But, on look and feel, this is a very nice looking strap and definitely unique and something a little different than the norm. It is a little stiff at first, but this strap in my opinion is more about design than initial comfort or high end leather materials. But, I don't want that to mean its a cheaply made strap or it feels like sandpaper on the wrist. The leather at first does kind of have a card board feeling as far as the leather when you rub your fingers on it, but it breaks in after a day or two of wearing and then starts to get much softer and more comfortable. Being honest I have had straps costing twice this much that took a longer break in period.

Overall, I think it is a very nice strap with a look that can make your watch pop or stand out a little more and of course the tattoo design was something I personally liked the moment I saw it.

Zirdiva offers all kinds of designs and leather, some very traditional looking, and some very funky and out there using vibrant colors and designs, so seems they have something out there for everyone. The prices I think are right in line for what the straps are, and if you are looking for something distinctive but on a budget, maybe check Zirdiva Straps out.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to your comments.


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Wow, i was waiting for this one but must have missed it! Cool strap especially for $50. Was curious about the design...looks printed. I had thought once about printing Marvel comic heroes onto some veg tan leather. Maybe we will see more cool straps from Zirdiva soon. Thanks for the review as always!

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Nice to see some out of the box straps for a change. Too bad they don't have a user friendly web store to view and purchase from.....Scrolling through FB is not the best interaction if you even have an account that is.
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