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Reviewer: UKWolfeman
Strap Being Reviewed: Swiss Ammo by Attirail Straps

Email: [email protected]

About: "My name is François, I live in France in Mâcon, Burgundy. I am a collector of mechanical watches for 10 years and after buying a Panerai, I began gradually to manufacture straps for myself. I sent pictures on forums and I had good users comments and I decided last year to build my business : Attirail Straps. I work mainly old leather from Swiss and French ammo pouches, and Shell Cordovan from the Horween tannery . All my straps are entirely handmade, from cutting to sewing.

I do not sell many ready to buy straps because I like to make custom. So I make over than 80% of custom straps. I focus on communication and customer satisfaction . All can be custom-made, sewing, length, thickness. My price range is from $90 (nato in Cordovan ) to $170 (with ammo cartridge pads of 40's and before). I make:
* french and swiss ammo straps (from 110$ to 170$)
* cordovan nato and zulu (90$)
* cordovan 2 pieces straps (110$)
* straps in calf skin leather (110$)
* Leather and canvas straps (140$)"

Thoughts and impressions: What can I say? Well just another fabulous ammo strap. The strap comes packaged nicely in a tissue paper wrap which is tied off. The packaging is completely appropriate for any strap and not excessive. The strap is made from Swiss ammo pouch dating back to sometime in the 1960s. The leather is full of great character with a great distressed appearance and various shades of brown. The leather still has a slight smell of gunpowder which I appreciate in a any ammo pouch strap and truly rounds out the full essence of an ammo strap. The stitching is waxed linen thread which is quite precise throughout the entire strap and adds to the vintage appearance.

The strap measures 24/24mm in width and approximately 130/85mm in length , as well as, almost 3.5mm in thickness which is a fairly standard thickness for many of the ammo straps I have seen. The edges are well finished rather than a raw edge that I have seen on quite a few ammo straps. Many ammo straps I have worked with have been quite stiff out of the box and this strap is somewhere in between stiff and soft. I'm certain is will continue to work in and increase in softness as well as take on an even greater distressed appearance. Out of the packaging it is still fairly comfortable on the wrist moreso than some ammo straps I have reviewed. The strap came with two (2) floating keeper which are stitched which will aid in durability. I really like the idea of two keepers as standard with all straps and wish more strap makers would make two the standard unless specifically not requested. The strap is finished off with a screw-in Pre-V style buckle.

Overall quality at $110 for a Hand Made ammo strap is well within reason based on my continued experience with these type of straps. If you are looking for another reasonably priced and well made ammo strap I would definitely consider checking out what Attirail can construct for that strap watch in your collection. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments.


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Beautiful work Francois!!

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Looks like a great strap.

I'm not a brown leather guy as you may already know. However, I am waiting on a Burgundy leather strap so I'm expanding my options in this area. The distressed ammo re-purposing aspect of these interests me.

Thanks for the review.
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Phenomenal review as usual Mike ! Phenomenal !!! :smileyface_hand_cla Beautiful strap here too ! ..Terrific how the color of the strap matches up with, but then manages to contrast in the coolest of ways with your Deep Blue here. :eek: :thumb: Honestly has such a rich look to it, but then is able to morph into a really sporty strap as well. Making any watch look that much cooler, or classier.

Even the balance of not being too soft, or stiff that you mention sounds so impressive. ..Can imagine this strap fitting like a glove in a really short time, and the dual keepers helping out in that department too ! Really is nice sir. Thanks for taking the time to do the review. Excellent job !!!
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