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Reviewer: Don aka Tattoo Chef

Strap being reviewed: SeventyFour Watch Straps Golden Malt Horween

I’m Laurence, a Watch Strap Artist,

The production of my own watch straps starts after I bought my first Panerai and was looking for a good strap online and in the shops but to no avail and I decided to do this myself instead, I begin to search online for quality leather and some simple tools.

All my straps are 100% hand made with small tools and they will never be perfect in the stitches and the cutting of the hides but I try to reduce that as much as possible. All my watchstraps are finished with the help of some manual tools and you might find minor imperfections on the strap as most of my styles are distressed/vintage and as all straps are finished by hand, each one has its individual character and style. You will not find a strap that is perfectly aligned with the cut lines and color, if you are, then you are in the wrong place… instead you will find an Art Strap that’s going to look better after years of wearing. It will age with character and style to your watch.


Contact Info/ordering info: [email protected]

Stock Photo:

Strap specifications

Width: 24/24mm
Length: 130/80mm
Thickness: 4mm
Keepers: 2, 1 fixed, 1 floating
Stiffness: 4
Stitching: dark brown waxed linen
Holes: round
Buckle: Pre V brushed

Price: $135 (Price includes delivery worldwide)

This strap came with a nice tied piece of green leather, with a 74 watch straps stamp. As with most custom makers, the packaging or presentation is simple, but this one is a little nicer than most because they are presenting it to you in leather, which makes sense, since they make leather goods.

My Photos:

Thoughts and Impressions:
I had some prior experience with SeventyFour Watch straps, as one of their straps came on a Gruppo Gamma watch I reviewed last year.
And it was a very nice strap, but of course, this Golden Malt, being Horween, and this color make it top notch.

The color is hard to pinpoint, the main color is a golden or caramel color, but the edges are darker, almost like a burnt red color, and with the dark brown thread stitching, really gives this strap a unique look, one that I have not seen by many makers.

As the about section of SeventyFour Watch straps says, these are handmade, and with that, you will see minor imperfections. That is what makes custom handmade straps desirable , to me at least. No to straps will be the same, and they will all have a little character.

At first I didn't know how this color would work with certain dials, but as you can see in my pics I have it on carbon fiber black dial and a silver dial, and it looks good on both.

The stitching, especially at the top is a little uneven, like a wave pattern, but that is how it's intended to be. When I first received the strap, it had some stiffness to it, a little more than I was used to with Horween, but it broke in really fast, and is now extremely comfortable.

The leather has a nice sheen to it, meaning its not a matte finished leather, and really gives it a touch of elegance.
As with most custom strap makers, stitching color, stitching style, keepers and buckles can all be configured at the time of ordering.
This looks great with the dark brown thread, but a white or cream stitch might look good as well.

The edges are raw which is how I prefer my leather straps, unless it was a strap meant for a dress type watch. But I like the rugged look of this strap, it helps give it that character, and distinguish from a factory produced strap.

Seventy Four Watch Straps currently only have a Facebook page, but you can also email him to order. And if you message him through Facebook to place your order, you can get $10 off the price of his straps.

At the base price of $135, this strap is a bargain in the custom leather strap world.
SeventyFour Watch Straps is based in Singapore, so shipping does take a little while, but on average it shouldn't take more than 7-10 days.

Thank you for reading. In the second post below, I have posted some other designs of SeventyFour Watch Straps


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These look phenomenal Don !!! Holy cow ! ..The caramel gold color you mentioned is something to see really, and like you said it changes near the edges as well. At times it gets real bright, like an orange almost, and then at other times seems darker. Neat stuff ! :bounce: Like how the strap matches it's great looks with what evidently is such exceptional workmanship too though. It's easy to tell that this strap really will last a lot of years aging right along with whatever watch it was on. ..Honestly is just cool seeing what can be done in straps like this, and how many different styles can be created like this. Thanks very much ! Really nice review Don !
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