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Straps being reviewed: SAS Watch Company Premium Rubber Strap
Reviewer: Danny T
Straps donated for review

SAS Watches

Information from the website:

Premium Rubber Strap

Description (taken from website)

These premium natural rubber straps will go perfectly with your SAS Watch or any watch with 24mm lugs. They taper from 24mm at the lugs to a comfortable 22mm at the buckle. The long strap measures 138mm long and the short strap is 80mm long. We have used the best quality natural rubber and these straps will compare to any aftermarket rubber strap.

Specifications (taken from website)

To fit 24mm lugs, these premium natural rubber straps will go perfectly with your SAS Watch or any watch with 24mm lugs.

They taper from 24mm at the lugs to a comfortable 22mm at the buckle.
The long strap measures 138mm long and the short strap is 80mm long. If you wish to purchase more than one rubber strap we have Multi Strap offers below.

Price: $54.56 per strap with choice of brushed stainless steel or PVD thumbnail buckle

Shipping Cost: Price includes postage.


Being a watch enthusiast, we all know there are unlimited choices when it comes to strap options available to dress up our beloved watches. There are unlimited materials to choose from, different manufacturing processes available, and countless styles that bring them to the consumer/end user.

In this installment, I will be reviewing another rubber strap in the affordable category. Since summer is on the way the choice for many, is to store the leathers away and wear the watch on a bracelet or rubber strap. In this review we will be looking at the SAS Watch Company Premium Rubber Strap. Thanks goes to Graeme at SAS Watch Company for allowing me to provide my unbiased review of his straps.

Straps reviewed and photographed:

24/22mm with brushed stainless steel thumbnail buckle
24/22mm with PVD coated thumbnail buckle

Thoughts and Comments:
When I received the package each strap came fully assembled in its own individual plastic bag taped closed. The first thing I observed was the smell of the straps once removed from the packaging. As I did with the straps in my last review, I let the straps sit for a few days to air out. The smell pretty much stayed, even to this day when I pulled them from the strap drawer. The strap does have a vanilla scent, however mixed with a rubber scent as well, which is not unpleasant, but not that of the Isofrane either. It smells just like the Steinhart rubber strap I have. I let my wife describe the smell and she say it had a vanilla scent; she described the smell more like “passion fruit”. Interesting I thought, as I don’t have a clue what passion fruit smells like myself lol.

The rubber compound is very very good and has a nice high end appearance. The thickness is a hefty 5.5mm thick at the lug and tapers to 4mm at the tail end. It is still very flexible for the thickness. This strap is designed to hold large divers with ease and give a nice balanced look for taller cases. It is unfortunate that this strap is only available in 24mm lug width and not 22mm and 20mm. Also colour choices are not available and come only in black as shown. I think this style strap would look fantastic in grey and navy/royal blue (hint hint Graeme :))

The design of the SAS rubber strap I would describe is conservative and can be dressed up or down depending on the watch it’s strapped to. I really like the added grooves on each side on the top of the strap which adds dimension; otherwise it would just have been a plain boring rubber strap. It is a small detail that adds a lot of visual appeal. The strap has plenty of buckle holes will fit pretty much any wrist size. Spacing is not as tight as the Isofrane, but tighter than others on the market (approx 6mm spacing center to center). For myself I found myself 1 or 2 holes further than the midpoint of the strap on my 7 1/4" wrist (this also depends on the watch you have it on). The straps come with 2 rubber keepers, but you really only need one. Putting the tail through the keepers is effortless and much easier than the Isofrane. The strap does have fine ribs molded on the underside of the straps with the SAS logo at the lugs which is very well done. The ribs run the entire underside of the short end of the strap whereas the ribs are molded at the area between the tightest buckle hole and lug end on the long side.

The strap finishing is excellent. The mold lines are faintly visible on the inside of the rectangle cut-outs and the mold lines very cleverly placed on the outer edge bottom of the strap instead of the centre edge giving it a clean almost seamless appearance.

The buckle that comes with the SAS strap is simply put, superb. They are offered in two finishes - Brushed SS and black PVD coated. The PVD coating is a beautiful black satin finish and appears more DLC than PVD (almost anodized like) and has a nice rich black finish. The buckles are a thumbnail style and have a submarine engraving on the underside which is flawlessly done. Even the tang is beautifully machined with no sharp edges anywhere to be found. These are the best thumbnail buckles I have seen to date.

Fitment of the straps on the watches used for the photos did have some challenges. Watches using spring pins do not have issues or those with lug bars that are not too thick. I had no issues fitting the straps on my 45mm Helson Sharkdiver using screw lugs or my Helberg CH6 which use spring pins. Strapped to the wrist the strap held the heavy divers in place with no flopping around whatsoever, even with the strap fitted a touch on the loose side. I did face a small challenge with my H20 Orca Dive and Vintage watches. The H20 Orca watches use a screw lug bar that are 2mm thick and also are fitted pretty tight to the case edge. So what I decided to do (after realizing the SAS strap would not fit) was to bore the lug pin hole on the strap. Unfortunately with the tight lug pin to case clearance on the Dive case I still was not able to line up the strap lug hole to the lug hole on the watch case. I was successful with my H20 Vintage case since there is a bit more clearance between the lug bar and case edge. The screw bar did manage to slide through straight in and all the way (snugly). After successfully mounting it onto the H20 DLC Vintage watch, the strap was right at home, looked and felt great.


Overall, the SAS Premium Rubber Strap fits the description as noted on the SAS website. A good looking very well constructed and finished strap with a fantastic buckle. A great value at $55 all in plus multi strap purchase discounts. The buckle alone makes it feel like steal of a deal. The only issue with this strap is that it won’t fit ALL watches, specifically those with thick lug bars/pins and those with very tight lug bar/pin to case edge clearances.


• Fantastic buckles which are extremely well made and well finished
• Strap can hold large watches very well on the wrist.
• Flexible yet firm with good comfort on the wrist
• Grooved channels are a great detail adding a nice dimension which otherwise would have been a “Plain Jane” rubber strap.
• Well finished construction and high end look
• Can be worn formally or casually


• The lug pin hole does not allow certain lug screw bars to pass through. Strap lug holes need to be modified (enlarged) in order allow fitment of thicker lug bars/pins
• The lug pin holes on the strap are not molded in as close to the edge of the strap end as possible, thus limiting the straps use on some watches (those with tight lug pin to case clearance)
• No additional sizes and colours available

With strap review #2 under the belt, I again hope everyone found this review to be informative and enjoyable. Thank you again to Graeme at SAS Watch Company for supplying his product and allowing me the opportunity to review his products.


Danny T

No onto the photo gallery......Enjoy!


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Why would you? It's hideous and nonfunctional.

I think it's safe to say that some people like their rubber with stitching, but if you don't, that's ok too
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I'm with Chris. Rubber straps with stitching is like ........

You know........wrong
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