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Reviewer: Don aka Tattoo Chef

strap donated for review

Strap being reviewed:
Pirate's Straps Maori Strap

Company Website: (Facebook)

Stefano of Pirate's Straps is a 26 year old guy, who lives in Genoa in northern Italy.
For 10 years he was passionate about watches, especially for Panerai and diver watches.
He could not find straps of his own that he liked, so he decided to build his own.
He has been making straps for 3 years now and on an Italian forum, he is very well known.
As his other job, he manages one pizza shop, but by the end of the year he hopes he will open an official website, as the number of orders he receives is considerable.

He works with his girlfriend Lucia and friend Giovanni.
Lucia takes care of finishing of the strap and shipments.
Giovanni takes care of the orders and many of the relationships with the customers.

Most of his straps are made with Italian natural leather, but sometimes also uses reptile skins.
He also makes key-chains, watch boxes, and soon to finish his line for Bell & Ross.

Contact Info:

Stock Photo:

Strap description:
This strap is made using natural cowhide leather. The Maori design is applied using a high strength paint that is resistant to water and sea water. The design is applied using a stamp that Pirate's Straps made for this specific strap. Imperfections in the design are due to him pressing harder or softer with the stamp.

Strap specifications:
Width: 24/24mm
Length: 130/85mm
Thickness: 4.5mm
Keepers: 1 large
Stiffness: moderate
Stitching: cream colored, normal stitching with x stitching at top end
Holes: round
Buckle: Polished Pre-V

Price: $99 USD.

Some photos of the strap making process:

The Strap came in a bubble wrap sleeve, that was in a manilla shipping envelope, so no photos of any packaging to show.

My Photos:

Thoughts and Impressions:
As you can see, this is quite a different style strap.
I thought this Maori strap matched very well with the Magrette Tiki.....theme wise anyways, but do think it looks good on this model.

The Maori strap is very thick, but very comfortable, and you can see that alot of work has gone into producing it, yet the price doesnt really reflect that. I really like the edge stitching, gives it an even more unique look. The entire strap is very original, or at least I have never seen one like it.

The design is stamped in , using a high strength paint. If you look closely at the photos, you will notice it is one design that repeats 3 times on this example. I do not know as of this writing how long the design will hold up to sweat and water and use over time, but I am told it shouldn't wear or fade, and should last for as long as you have the strap.

Now, lets be honest,..this strap might not be for everybody, and being honest, It will not be on my Magrette all the time, but it will be occasionally, as I do think it is funky and cool. I personally see this more on the cushion style cases like the Magrette, or a Panerai, Benarus Moray, Ennebi, etc. Probably would look really great on bronze watches, and of the course the stitching color can be switched up to better match you watch dial color. I am not saying you cant put it on others, but I think this style of strap just lends itself to those particular designs.

I am very happy though to review this strap and introduce us to Pirates Straps. This is the only strap of his I have seen in person, but the attention to detail and craftsmanship of this Maori strap lead me to believe any of his other straps would be fantastic as well.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to your comments.


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I really like it! I love the tribal stitch at the lugs. That stitch style goes pefectly with the theme of the strap design IMO.

I am happy to say that I am a customer of Pirate Straps as well and purchased their 'Tequila Sunrise" model with a few custom touches that I requested which some of you have seen. My correspondence was with Giovanni and I can confirm he was absolutley great to work with and he replied to every email with no delay and was able to understand exactly what I was looking for.

I wish Pirate all the success. Will def try other offerings down the road.

Pirate Straps - Tequila Sunrise thread below.

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:smileyface_hand_cla Great strap and great review!

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