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Reviewer: Don aka Tattoo Chef
Strap donated for review

Strap being reviewed: Kain Heritage, Heritage Collection Black Distressed Calf 24mm

Company Website:

About Kain Heritage:
Kain Heritage strives to achieve our dreams and effort to provide the best and authentic leather straps in highest quality worldwide.
Our goal is to provide Panerai, as well as other watch brands, collectors with a wider variety of designs to individualize their own watches.
Kain's designs are fusions of traditions and innovations in the hopes to accentuate the vogue in you!

Our sophistication in workmanship and seriousness in quality control will surely leave you no worries.
We work hard to ensure you with a safe and enjoyable shopping experience with us. We are devoted to continual improvement to meet the needs of our customers.

Contact Info:
[email protected]

Stock Photo:

Strap specifications:

Item code - TH352B(Strap)
Width: 24/24mmLength: 130/80
Thickness: 4mm
Keepers: 2 floating
Stiffness: 1-10 , 7 at first, breaks in after a day of wearing
Stitching: brown
Holes: round, 5
Buckle: Xiran 01 copper screw in skull buckle 24mm
Item Code - BK-143B(Buckle)
Price: $89 for Strap, $68 for buckle

Packaging as usual from Kain Heritage is very nice. A leatherette outer pouch, inside another leatherette pouch that contains the strap and Kain Heritage card. I have never been sure why there are two pouches, as the one would suffice, but it is nice packaging.

My Photos:

Thoughts and Impressions:
The strap and buckle are sold separately.
Kain Heritage has a huge array of straps and custom buckles available on their site.
One thing of note, I do not believe Kain makes custom straps. Another words, all the straps on their site are either pre-made or are made when you order, but I don't think you can have something custom made like some other strap makers.
Also, the sizing. I think the biggest size is the 130/80. I do not know if they accept custom orders for bigger sizes for the large wrist-ed folks.

The Strap:
The strap is very nicely put together. This version has brown stitching but they do have it with other color stitching on the site as well. It has a "cracked" appearance to it, meaning it looks like it is old distressed cracked leather, but is two tone , basically a black strap with a cracked brown appearance. It is not exactly soft, as the cracking does give it a texture. I did notice while wearing it, that it does leave some residue on your wrist after wearing it for awhile. This is the leather particles flaking off from the strap. Its not alot, but after a day of wearing, when you take it off, it looks like you have some black pepper on your wrist. Its because the leather is intentionally cracked , and not sealed afterwards, so this is going to happen. It is pretty stiff at first, but I worked it in my hands for a bit and then after the first day of wearing, it did soften up and conform to the wrist. The strap has sealed edges and the stitching very even and nicely done.
If you are looking for something a little different and still on a budget, this is a nice strap for $89.

The buckle:
Kain Heritage has many different types of custom stainless steel buckles available. This is a 3 skull and tribal design, which of course, I love skulls, so this was very nice for me. The buckle is 24mm screw in buckle ,weighs 27 grams of stainless steel, is 41mm wide at its widest, almost 9mm thick including the middle skull, but is 3.5mm thick at its base. The buckle and skulls are not cast from all one piece of steel. The skulls are cast separately and are welded on to the base. This sample the skulls are placed just ever so off center. Not real noticeable , but if you look closely you can see it.
Overall, I like it, and I like how many companies are offering custom buckles like this. It wears well on the strap and sits mostly flat, though it does stick out a little from the strap when being worn. But, I think custom buckles are cool, another element to add to our strap hobby and its like adding a nice buckle to your belt, another way to make your watch stand out.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to your comments.

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Thanks Don! Probably too distressed for my liking but killer buckle!

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Very cool strap, a wicked cool buckle, and a great review. That buckle would rock on many a strap,

i could see the size and design drawing allot of attention. Price looks good too. Thank You for the review.
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