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Name of Reviewer: Mark (AKA andrema)

Strap Reviewed: Benarus Rubber Dive Strap

Straps were donated for review.

Company Contact Information:

7500 West 151st. St. #23583
Overland Park, KS 66283

Email: [email protected]


"About" from the company website:

Benarus [ben • air • us] A Benarus watch is a high quality professional instrument produced in limited quantities and is available to collectors, professional divers, adventurers and watch enthusiasts throughout the world.

Founded by Ralf Schreiner in 2008. Ralf has been a watch collector for most of his life and learned from his father who has also been collecting for over 30 years. Ralf had the goal to create Benarus to bring affordable watches that have the highest quality fit and finish to collectors with the highest standards. These collectors want more watch for their money and that is what Benarus creates. This is achieved by low overhead costs and continuing to focus on research and development with a hands-on approach to quality control, working with the machinists and various production steps involved to get to the final goal.

Benarus watches share the idea that 'Less is More', and all of our dials and parts are easy to read as well as functional. We use Superluminova on our dials to achieve the brightest possible lume. We also use sapphire crystals and case materials such as 316L stainless steel, Cusn8 bronze, and titanium that are water resistant from 500 meters to 2,500 meters. We use the ETA and Miyota mechanical automatic movements.

Benarus watch designer Steve Laughlin joined the company in 2008. Steve has BFA in art / design from Kansas State University and has been a watch enthusiast and collector for over 15 years. Steve now runs the Benarus website, order processing, and shipping from our office in the USA. Please feel free to contact Steve with any questions you have about Benarus or our products. Steve takes pride in answering every email that he receives with the most direct and detailed answer possible.


Benarus Rubber Divers Strap

Strap Specifications:

· Strap Material: Natural Rubber
· Strap Length (mm): 195 (total)
· Strap Width (mm): 24/22
· Strap Thickness (mm): 5.5/3.7
· Buckle Material: 316L Stainless Steel
· Buckle Width (mm): 22
· Colors Available: Black, Grey, Green and Orange

Price: $70



The straps arrived at my home carefully wrapped in individual ziploc style bags, inside a padded envelope. In my opinion, this is perfectly acceptable given the strap price and excellent quality of the straps.

Photos of the straps:

For watch enthusiasts, a rubber watch strap is a very popular choice to wear with a divers watch. Starting in 2013, Benarus has released a new strap in 4 different colors and three different widths. For review purposes, WatchFreeks was supplied with two of the Benarus 24mm straps, in the grey and black versions.

The straps are constructed of natural rubber, which have a slight vanilla scent. They are fairly thick at the lug side of the straps, which are 5.5mm thick and then taper down to 3.7mm at the ends. With this being said, the straps are very comfortable and conform nicely to the wrist.

The signed Benarus 316L brushed stainless steel buckle is 22mm wide. The buckle is substantial in size and sits prominently atop of the strap.

Each side of the straps has 4 rectangular ventilation windows. The non-buckle side of the strap has 14 wide buckle holes, which allow the strap to be utilized on a wide variety of wrist sizes. In addition, the buckle side of the strap has 5 identical “buckle holes” that adds uniformity as well as balance to the strap design. All of these features combine to allow water to quickly drain away from the wrist and quickly dry after exiting the ocean, pool or even a bath.

Shots of the strap on the wrist:

For reference purposes, my wrist is approximately 7.25 inches.

The fix of the Benarus strap is excellent. The multitude of buckle holes allow the wearer to select the perfect fit and not have to compromise for an “inferior fit” as is often the case with other straps (not too loose or too tight).

Given the similarity of the Benarus strap to the IsoFrane design, I thought that it would be helpful to prepare some comparative photos as well as comments regarding the two straps. The straps dimensions are virtually identical. However, there are some differences with the Benarus strap that make its appearance different from the IsoFrane.

· The ends of the non-buckle side of the Benarus strap have a different shape than the IsoFrane. The edges of the end of the strap are chamfered and have a slightly different angle to the end of the strap.

· The lug bar holes on the Benarus strap are slightly further away from the lug end of the strap as compared to the IsoFrane. This may limit the fit of the strap on lugs with short lugs and narrow margins between the lug holes and the watch case.

· The Benarus has one additional buckle hole than the IsoFrane.

· Unlike the Isofrane, the buckle side of the Benarus strap has “buckle style” holes, in addition to the 4 ventilation windows. This adds a better balance to the oveall design of the strap.

· The shape of the strap keepers on the Benarus strap is perpendicular to the edge of the strap. On the IsoFrane strap, the outside keeper is cut at an angle that mimics the shape of the end of the strap.

· The IsoFrane is SLIGHTLY softer than the black Benarus strap. This difference, however, is not concerning in regards to comfort and negligible. The grey version of the Benarus strap is a little bit more firm than the black version.

· The buckle on the Benarus strap sits much higher off of the surface of the strap than the IsoFrane. The IsoFrane strap sits close to the strap, which helps to avoid inadvertent desk diving marks.

· The buckle on the Benarus has a better fit than the IsoFrane. The edges meet with the edge of the strap and there aren’t noticeable gaps between the inside of the buckle and outside of the strap.

· Cost…the Benarus is approximately ½ of the cost of the IsoFrane.


Overall impression:

In full disclosure, I am a huge IsoFrane "Fanboy". With this being said, I am very impressed by the quality of these new dive straps from Benarus. Both versions that I had the opportunity to review had a great fit and finish and are outstanding diver straps for the price. If you are looking for a great quality dive strap at a fantastic price, the new Benarus Rubber Dive Strap should definitely be on your radar!

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Great review.:clap2:
Ordered one. Like it a lot, specially the fact that it sits closer to the watch case. In terms of comfort I prefer it to my Bonetto straps but probably that´s more due to the design.

I made a mistake though, cause I ordered with the cheaper buckle and the fact is that it´s a lot harder to unbuckle it compared to any other strap I own - ended up ordering the "better" buckle and waiting for its arrival.

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Great rundown on the Benafranes.

You noticed a few things when comparing them to the ISO that I didn't even notice.

You pointed out that the grey version is slightly stiffer than the black. I can confirm that the orange one is significantly stiffer than the black. It seems the more color that is added, the stiffer the rubber becomes.

I am not a fan of the buckles on these. While they have a similar look to the Isofrane buckles, they do not fasten nearly as easy. At half the price, I'm not one to complain as I bought two and am probably going to order at least one or two more.

Great review Mark!

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I have a 24 mm Benny and really like it.
I have a 22 mm Time Factors and at about 24 $ shipped really like it too. The TF strap appears to have a BIT more silicone in the compound, the strap is softer than the Benny and also has a charcoal look to the color. Not a dust magnet, but does attract dust more than the harder Benny strap.
I also have a Yobokies which I also like and is somewhere in between the Benny and TF in compound formulation. It cost 18 $ shipped from Harold. At the time I ordered, a few weeks ago, neither TF or Harold had any 24 mm.
These style straps are addictive and look great on any diver or sporty watch. Really made the top heavy M2K very comfy.
The dyes do effect the hardness of the strap and sometimes some of the dimensions.
Thank you for the info and great review of the Benny !

I want to add of all three of my straps the Benny hands down looks like the most expensive due to the harder compound. Great job Benny.

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Great review. I have never warmed up to the rubber strap. Maybe I have not found the right one yet. This one may be worth a try.

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Very nice review Mark. Thank you sir.

I actually don't own either the Isofrane or the Benarus.

I have only one watch with rubber on it; my PAM24 with original rubber which is very comfortable indeed. Are these straps as good or better?

Wasn't sure if the length was sufficient for my wrists either. But at 195mm there is plenty scope there for even the biggest wrists.
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