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There are plans right now for an instructional video on how to exchange the straps for the Alpine Challenge. We realized that it could be tricky for some people, especially those who have never had a quick-release strap exchange watch before. Just in case you guys get the watch before it's done, here are written instructions. Please share with anyone here or at WatchGeeks who may be having trouble with it:

To place the leather strap on, pull the quick release pin back with your nail and hold it in place. Slip the strap between the lugs so the side without the quick release pin fits into the divot. Position the side with the quick-release pin so that it’s over the other divot; then release the pin. You may have to move the strap around a little bit, but once you hear a click, you’ll know it’s securely in place.

To put on the mesh bracelet, flip the watch upside down so that the case back is facing up. You might want to place the crystal on a piece of cloth or a soft surface so you don’t accidentally scratch it. Like the leather strap, you’ll need to brace the quick release pin with your fingernail and hold it in place. Then take the strap and come from under the lugs. Place the side without the quick release pin into the divot first while keeping the other side underneath its respective lug. Once the first pin is in place, move that side up so that the quick release pin is directly over the divot. Release the pin, and like the rubber strap, you may have to move it around until you hear the click that tells you it’s securely in place. And that’s how you exchange the straps.

I hope the instructions are clear enough. If not, please stand by for the video :) If you have any farther questions, feel free to PM me.

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