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I have been wanting a true Flieger watch from one of the four original companies contracted to build the watches for the Luftwaffe (IWC, Laco, STOWA, Wempe).... After much research I decided to go with the STOWA Flieger handwind.

I went to the STOWA building/factory just outside Pforzeim, Germany and had a excellent experience. They have a small museum and all the ladies that work there are very knowledgable. I spent over an hour with a bud trying on every watch they make. Attached are some pics of the inside to include the watch I chose. You cannot purchase the immediately and it takes approx 3 weeks to get it. You pay once the watch arrives... or they can mail it to you.

When we went to pick it up, my wife and I were treated first class, more importantly the watch was awesome!!!! You are able to get engraving to personalize it a bit if you so desire. Below are pics.

The reason I chose STOWA mainly was the price point for what I was getting. After trying on the IWC ($$$), Laco (Too Big on the wrist), WEMPE (seemed like a copy), I chose the one that spoke to me. It has been an absolute blast wearing it... I change the straps on a regular--brown, black, and multiple NATO straps.

Seeing the Original Flieger was amazing... 55mm and works like the first day off the line!

I recommend STOWA!!!


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Yes -- I agree. I have also visited Stowa and had the same warm welcome. and, as Slinger mentions, the small museum is most interesting.

Only one caution: Stowa does (or did) not accept credit cards -- so, if you go, have some cash about your person.

I also recommend Stowa -- rock solid quality at the price point.

--- one addition: IIRC there were in fact five manufacturers of the original wartime B-Uhr (Flieger). The fifth was Lange, but they do not make a similar style watch nowadays.

My Flieger -- sterile dial (per original B-Uhr spec), but automatic (ETA 2824-2 "Top") and only a wearable 40mm

My Seatime Olymp Bronze -- 42mm titanium with bronze trim. 200m WR. Also ETA 2824-2 "Top"
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