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Steinhart Bracelet modification / fix

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My Steinhart GMT Ocean 1 that I received Monday is a beautiful watch. There was one issue. The clasp on the bracelet did not sit flat on my wrist. So I took the bracelet loose from the clasp and put the curved folding parts in a vice, flattened them quite a bit, and now it's much better. In this photo the photos on top are before the flattening and below are after. This modification takes just a few minutes and the opening and closing tension remained the same because both of the folding sections were flattened at the same time while in the closed position. The photo in the lower right was just after it was taken out of the vice. I know others have had the same issue so I thought I would share this simple fix.

video of the fix:

also see photo on flickr:

and here's my full review:
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