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Hey fellow Freeks, I have been absent from here for a while as I have been pursuing another of my hobbies a bit more lately, last new time purchase for me was the Hexa F74.

However I thought there might be someone here interested in this event and thought I would post it up.

I have been a co-sponsor of this event for 6 or 7 years now, it's a great time and I always meet some great people here.

15th annual Southern Super Heavy Shootout
Bracket racing, heads up big dog class, all day test and tune
Car show

Cars must be 4000 Lbs to qualify for competition.
Race and shine against, Mercury Marauders. Lincoln Mark 7 and 8
Impala SS. Mopars, GTOs Shelbys. Fast Caddys, Big bad AMG Mercs and even some big smoky diesel trucks going way faster than they should etc.
Run all day, Run what ya brung

Look up past SSHS events on Youtube, we have been at this a while...
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