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Springtime changeup

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Today I swapped over two leathers (both from TheStrapSmith) to 22mm nylons - these two leathers seemed as thick as the thin watches they were attached to. Note: I'd previously trimmed the length of the gray nylon; while the other straps length is adjustable - similar to how you'd adjust a dogs collar (a nice touch); AND its' tip is stitched!
Watch Product Clock Watch accessory Rectangle

Left single pass strap: Chevron™ - Night + Crimson | Crown & Buckle
Right Nato strap: GREY Tubular Nylon

Sinn 836, Hammy Khaki.
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Drats! Seeing these two side by side I've already made a snap decision.
I prefer the single pass style and its' darker color; plus I like this adjustment system (with its' stitched tip). So ... I just placed another order:

Stolen pic, Shipping ONLY $3.50.
Watch Analog watch Camera lens Reflex camera Clock

Working straps for tough jobs (digging ditches, turning wrenches, cleaning out sewer lines -yuck). Can be machine washed when necessary.

Regardless of their durability I employ NO thick bezel watches here.
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Ooh nice choice then Wrascal ! 🏆😎😀A GIANT congrats to you here
ahead of time !!!

That one looks terrific and you know, I was thinking how even though a nato
like this can be perfect for those dirty jobs as you said. They are, or rather
have become very classy, as well as ultra cool as we see them more and
more in dressier combinations. 😉I mean check it out on that Tudor right
here above right?! ..Beautiful !
Over the course of today I wore both above watches (Hammy & Sinn), but now that lullaby time approaches I've slipped on the eye candy (with an appropriate count down bezel, useful in bedroom work).
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Wrist

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Bucherer Blue (5B) - with a Cobalt Blue Ostrich leather strap.
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2 new crown and buckle straps:
Watch Analog watch Light Watch accessory Clock
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That’s super spectacular strap hat trick right there sir !!! 😀😀😀
And it seems like all three are evidently as comfortable as
they are eye-catching. 😉 I honestly wouldn’t know which
to enjoy first ! 😄 They all look phenomenal not to mention
make you appreciate these watches even more too !

THX a bunch for sharing Wrascal, and keep on enjoying !!!
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