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Spring Drive

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Fellow Freeks,
Is it true that the sweep of the seconds hand on a spring drive is the ‘smoothest’ out there?
Haven’t seen one in person yet and wanted to know your thoughts.

I love dive watches and if the above is true, then SBGA029 may become the grail watch that I will save for.

I don’t mind the fact that it is considered a hybrid (not a pure automatic watch).

Other than the SBGA029 and the 600M, are there any other Seiko SD dive watches out there that I missed?
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It's actually way more than 36,000. That's just a hi-beat. I can't remember the exact frequency, but it's something like 24 Hz. The 'ticks' are completely imperceptible.
No, the beats are so rapid that they are imperceptible.
I'm almost certain it is a true sweep, not a super high beat.

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Incorrect. It beats at something crazy like 100 x per second.
It truly does sweep continuously without beat. If you research how it works you would understand how it does this.
No, it does not. The electronic brake is applied on and off many many times per second. It looks like a smooth sweep to the human eye but is not.
Thanks Ganson. I couldn't remember the exact Hz.

Bracky, think about it. If it did not regulate by stopping and starting, like every other watch, the electronic brake pressure would need to be so precisely modulated to perfectly control the speed. It can't do that.
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