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Spring Drive

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Fellow Freeks,
Is it true that the sweep of the seconds hand on a spring drive is the ‘smoothest’ out there?
Haven’t seen one in person yet and wanted to know your thoughts.

I love dive watches and if the above is true, then SBGA029 may become the grail watch that I will save for.

I don’t mind the fact that it is considered a hybrid (not a pure automatic watch).

Other than the SBGA029 and the 600M, are there any other Seiko SD dive watches out there that I missed?
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the spring drive second hand is the smoothest out there hypnotizing and 72 hour power reserve which powers up quick on the wrist here is mine
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Thanks I really love it. It has gotten a little scratched up but I love it

That watch causes a visceral reaction in me. I have to go back several times to look at it. Seriously, amazing.
I own a Precisionist and a Spring Drive. IMHO you can't compare them. The movement in my spring drives through case back is something to behold and the second hand is so smooth its hypnotic. Much smoother then the Precisionist.
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yes the spring drive is that accurate perhaps a couple of seconds per month off tops. Its that good

What the smoothness and accuracy of a Bulova Precisionist... I own 2 ....first year came real close to 10 secs a year... 9 secs and 12 secs.

Do you get that kind of accuracy with a Spring drive over a year?

Just wondering...

Man you've had the Rolex for 20 years thats hard to let go. The Seiko won't hold its value that well i know for sure. Look at some used Spring Drives and compare it to the value of your rolex now
on hearing your family news get the Seiko and enjoy the 500 bucks to boot
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