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This article, Spider clock reminds you that time creeps up on us all, originally appeared on


"Will you walk into my tourbillon?" said the spider clock to the fly. MB&F
It can be argued time creeps up on us all, like a giant daddy long legs, sparing none.

While it's apropos, that's not the imagery intended with self-described horological concept laboratory MB&F's latest timepiece, Arachnophobia, engineered by Swiss clockmaker L'Epée 1839.

Instead, the piece is an homage to artist Louise Borgeois and her giant spider sculptures, the most famous of which is the statue called Maman.
In Arachnophobia, the clock has been reimagined as the body of a spider, its mechanical movement engineered to sit partially outside the body as the spider's head, where it can be viewed and admired as it sits on a table, or mounted to a wall.

"Making this clock was an adventure; it is the first time we went so far on a design," said L'Epée 1839 CEO Arnaud Nicolas.

"In fact, the clock was made in two steps. The first one was the spider itself, and the second took place in the middle of a meeting when I was presenting it and had the spider in my hand near a wall. I was explaining how incredible this new clock was when the idea of hanging it on the wall popped up in my mind."

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