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Thanks Tom,I think adding the Q-Factor to my collection really was a game changer for me.

Now my little collection feels complete.

And there is yet another terrific part of this hobby honestly
sir. 馃槑All of the different stages, or moments we go through,
or have. 馃榾(y)(y)馃馃槈 It鈥檚 actually fascinating, and of course,
incredibly fun ! ..Yup, there鈥檚 no doubt True, not only does your
collection feel complete from your end. But it looks complete
on this side of things too ! :D

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Till you looked at your finances and went to rehab. ;) At least you got to try them out.
Thanks,It was because I had an unexpected expense of $5000. Of course I knew that something like this could happen at any time but I had hoped I could enjoy these watches for a few years before it did. It has really changed my mind set and now I am pretty happy with the watches that I still have. These are the only ones I keep running right now.

The other autos I have just stay in their boxes.

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