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SOLD OUT Watchfreeks 2014 LE Forum Watch. Please pay your final balance.

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Hello there everyone.

We are proud to announce the Watchfreeks 2014 Limited Edition Forum Watch.

We were able to work with Maranez for the Titanium Bangla model to offer a limited edition of 50 watches, at an INCREDIBLE price point.

Right away I would like to thank Maranez for working with us on this and being able to offer something unique to their lineup.

So here is what you will be able to purchase.

Limited to 50 pieces.

47mm Titanium Case
NH35 automatic movement
Sapphire crystal
Custom silver dial with LE printed on dial.
Custom color hands
Engraved Caseback with Watchfreeks and LE number
2 straps (Black leather and Black Cuda Strap)

The price for this will be $349 plus $50 Fed Ex 2 day shipping , so with shipping will be $399.

Preorder will be a deposit of $75 that is NON Refundable
Preorders are NOT Transferable.

Production will take about 6 weeks. Balance payment will be due before delivery.

Here is what it will look like:

Preorder will start in a few days, and I will post the ordering info in the second post below.

We are very excited to be able to offer this one off Limited Edition Maranez Bangla and we hope you are too. Remember this is a limited edition of only 50 pieces!

Thank you again to Maranez Watches.
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Any plans for a 2015 WF limited Edition watch? I would love a Crepas made WF LE?
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There is a lot that goes into a Limited Edition watch. First you need to find a company willing to work with you and meet your needs and specs. This is harder than you think considering we are asking for a very small production run (about 50 units). The price needs to be right, the watch needs to have broad appeal, the production company needs to agree to stamp Watchfreeks LE and piece number on the case back, and some other minor conditions need to be met. So far, we have been very lucky finding 3 companies that have been great to work with and have produced fabulous LE watches for us.

Currently no decisions have been made for 2015. We are exploring all options and if anything looks promising we will keep you updated.
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I hope it happens. I love my WF watches!
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I hope it happens. I love my WF watches!
Yup me too. I am looking to get one of the Boschett's, but no luck yet.
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Hoping there is a 2015 version. I'd be a definite starter. Not sure what has gone before but a chunky dive watch would be ace.
I'm down for one if we get a 2k15 model. ;)
Likewise. Wouldn't mind getting something that shows off my affinity for this forum!
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