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SOLD OUT Watchfreeks 2014 LE Forum Watch. Please pay your final balance.

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Hello there everyone.

We are proud to announce the Watchfreeks 2014 Limited Edition Forum Watch.

We were able to work with Maranez for the Titanium Bangla model to offer a limited edition of 50 watches, at an INCREDIBLE price point.

Right away I would like to thank Maranez for working with us on this and being able to offer something unique to their lineup.

So here is what you will be able to purchase.

Limited to 50 pieces.

47mm Titanium Case
NH35 automatic movement
Sapphire crystal
Custom silver dial with LE printed on dial.
Custom color hands
Engraved Caseback with Watchfreeks and LE number
2 straps (Black leather and Black Cuda Strap)

The price for this will be $349 plus $50 Fed Ex 2 day shipping , so with shipping will be $399.

Preorder will be a deposit of $75 that is NON Refundable
Preorders are NOT Transferable.

Production will take about 6 weeks. Balance payment will be due before delivery.

Here is what it will look like:

Preorder will start in a few days, and I will post the ordering info in the second post below.

We are very excited to be able to offer this one off Limited Edition Maranez Bangla and we hope you are too. Remember this is a limited edition of only 50 pieces!

Thank you again to Maranez Watches.
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Watchfreeks 2014 LE Forum Watch. Maranez Bangle Ti Custom Preorder is open!

Got confirmation of my deposit this morning. For a Ti case automatic this is a good price. Hard to pass on it plus it's an LE for the forum.
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Let me know what number you get.
Personally I wanted #7 of #10 since Oct. 7th is my Bday but I ended up with 4 so if anyone with those numbers is interested in a trade I'm up for it but I can deal with #4 out of a 50 LE :)
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Great choice. I have the cali dial and it's very well done. Comfortable, great case styled after Ennebi. Very good lume. High quality straps. That's why I jumped on this one as well. Welcome to the board.

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I couldn't resist. This will be a few firsts for me...Ti, LE, style, etc. I usually got with all steel with a bracelet instead of a strap or band but I just had to jump in on this. I've always loved the Maranez watches I just either had my eggs in another basket or was on the fence about it for one reason or another. I can't remember who said it in this thread but knowing there's only 49 other people with the same watch will be pretty cool :cool:
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This is good new LE watch is on the assembly line!
That is great news!
hi guys.... i just ordered one... glad to be part of the project..
Welcome Jacky8888 and thanks for joining in. I agree with Chef, you'll love this watch. I'm happy to see the last of them are going, slowly but surely and I'm stoked they decided to get production underway.

I also agree with Thomas. I know some people aren't entirely happy about one thing or another (silver dail, LE font, etc.). These LE's are a privilege and I for one and gracious. I love that Maranez is doing this for us. I do understand being picky about what you wear on your wrist though. I do the same thing so it's really hard for me to critisize those that are just being choosey.

Okay, sometime next week, everyone should get an email from Maranez with the instructions to pay your balance due.

As long as no delays, they should have them in hand next Friday for inspection and then shipping shortly in a few days after that.

Of course if any delays or issues, I will update this thread.
Great news Chef :clapping-hands-abov I can hardly wait!:smile-thumb2:
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